Vuković Intelligent Systems

Invest Messe Stuttgart 2023

It has been a great experience attending the Invest Messe Stuttgart as one of many successful and innovative exhibitors in Stuttgart, Germany. We had a great opportunity to make connections and meet many intelligent and sharp international colleagues, experienced leaders in german financial and stock exchange industries.

The conference was very well organized with main focus on financial sector and trading for both companies and private investors. By attending the fair we has a great opportunity to discover newest and most common strugles in financial and sctock exchange industry related to our core of business. While presenting our packaged soultion VISERA, we realized there are even more possibilites that can be implemented with help of RPA solutions we provide. As the only Croatian company in proudly presenting on the fair, we believe we also presented Croatia as one of the competitors in this uprising industry of automation technology. 

Written by Laura Kos