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   Automatic Processing of Domestic and Foreign Invoices

Online webinar on April 15 th, 2021

Up to date, automation of data entry of unstructured data such as invoices has presented a special challenge, especially if you received those invoices from partners outside the country. Foreign invoices may come in different languages, letters, with different tax rates and currencies. There so, their implementation to your ERP may take more time than expected due to translating the document and recalculating the prices.

Join our FREE online workshop to find out which possibilities stand at your disposal to automate data entry of both structured and unstructured data of both domestic and foreign invoices. The workshop will be held on April 15th from 10:30 until 11:15.  

Our experts Miljenko Vukovic and Laura Kos will demonstrate how to successfully employ the newest technologies to automate entry, accounting and payment of both domestic and foreign invoices.Depending on the source of invoice, bookkeeping input methods will vary due to different tax rates and currencies.

Miljenko Vuković
Founder - CEO
Head of IT Department
Senior RPA Developer and Consultant
Laura Kos
Head of Sales and Marketing Department
Junior RPA Developer and Consultant

This workshop will not be focused on technology but on how our solution VISERA uses OCR technology to extract data from unstructured formats of invoices, such as pdf or scan. It can also distinguish domestic from foreign invoices and uses different input methods to implement them into your ERP. Doing so not only cuts costs, but also increases speed, reliability and accuracy of the whole process.   

Join us on April 15th and get inspired on how to improve your own business and make more time for important tasks!