Vuković Intelligent Systems

4th Annual Intelligent Automation Week 2019 Conference 

It has been a great experience attending the 4th Annual Intelligent Automation Week 2019 Conference as one of many successful and innovative sponsor and exhibitor companies in London, UK. We had a great opportunity to make connections and meet many intelligent and sharp international colleagues, experienced leaders of automation technologies and experts from all over the world.  

The conference was very well organized with so many interesting seminars and discussions on various topics on advancements of technological innovations in the business analytics industry and robotic business process automation. Attending the seminars taught us how to benefit from exchange of ideas, sharing of expertise, socializing with international counterparts but also helped to proudly present Croatia as one of the competitors in this uprising industry of automation technology. Intelligent Automation Week Conference focused on the journey across the realms of RPA and AI to allow everyone to overcome their challenges with an eye for the future. The moto of the event was INSPIRE-ENGAGE-CONNECT.

Well, we were inspired by the various approaches of many different companies on overcoming today’s challenge of automating unstructured data, but also, we believe we inspired others with our robotic solution VISERA. Engaging was organised through track sessions that deep dived into actionable and practical examples of IA in action, workshops, focus days, interactive discussion groups, debates, catch-up areas and much more.  As sponsors, we didn’t have much time to attend presentation of guest speakers, but we attended some.  There we learned how many companies from other industries worldwide already implemented robotic automation into their business, for example, the lead Italian telecom company has implemented a “simple” custom support solution 

without human interaction, based on visual OCR recognition which sends an instruction for restarting router based on the reported issue. Connecting during presentations, debates and catch-up areas gave us the opportunity to present VIS at its best, and with organized celebration of successful conference afterwards, we all had the opportunity to enjoy the evening on the top of Twickenham Stadium. 

Written by Laura Kos