Vuković Intelligent Systems

Process Automation

The Implementation of RPA


Sign up for a free interactive briefing, to set out the fundamentals and how can you apply them into your company structure. In our typical procedure, this step takes one, up to few days and it is free for all potential clients. 


Our team implements the Pilot process to result in a clear proof of concept, and capture learnings, issues and risks to be taken into design.  After successful implementation, our team will offer you support services for robot maintenance, monitoring and training for using our technology. The result of proof of concept is typically one fully automated and robust business process.


This step includes process analysis in which our experts document the candidate processes, collect related metrics and generate automation road-map. At the end, we will analyze and identify automation potential, and prioritize tasks for implementation. This step usually takes 1-2 weeks, based on the company size and technological structure.